Bristore University (BU) was registered on 23rd January 2019 and incorporated on 26 March 2020 and is registered in the Republic of Zambia under the Companies Act (No 10 of 2017) as a Limited Company registration Number is 120200002475.
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a world class providers of forensic Programs

Shaping the world through knowledge and inspire powerful minds to create bold solutions

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leading provider of forensic

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Bristore University is a world-class providers of international and local Business management and Forensic programmes through supported online, part-time classes and distance learning in Zambia, Southern Africa and the world over. In delivering its range of forensic and Business management programmes to a diverse body of students from both the public and private sectors, Bristore University has developed significant infrastructural, academic and intellectual capacity. 

As a leading provider of forensic and Business management programmes by supported online, part-time and distance education, Bristore University has considerable expertise in the design and development of high quality and relevant course materials. It has developed unique teaching and learning strategies, particularly suited for transferring knowledge and skills to adult students, the majority of whom are in full-time employment. Through its active research focus, Bristore University is also at the cutting-edge of the latest management and leadership training trends.

Our exceptional academic work, training and customizable curriculum have earned numerous commendations from our clients, as well as the state, local law-enforcement agencies and students. Recognizing that a well-trained and fully prepared Forensic practitioner, Entrepreneur or Enterprise Risk Management Practitioner is the key to successful combating of corruption, asset protection and risk reduction, our comprehensive and innovative certificate, diploma and degree programs are the foundation of our service.

The BU founders continue to guide the institution by working closely with the regulatory authorities, our clients, students, and surrounding communities. Our commitment to Exceptional Service Partnership (ESP) is long term and unlimited, strengthening our clients, students and the organizations, which we serve. BU was established to address a gap in the Forensic studies, Enterprise Risk Management, Investigations and Security, Business Management and Administration and other areas in industries in Zambia and the global emerging markets. Unlike most universities that focus on traditional degree programs, our founders saw a profound need for introducing new degree programs and to undertake such projects with distinction.

We at Bristore University, as a registered member of the Zambian Higher Education Authority, believe that our special contribution to the achievement of the ideal of social justice is to provide a setting in which ideas may be freely explored and objectively examined. Bristore University is a dynamic and vibrant community of learning that brings together administrators, academic staff and students from many parts of the African continent in an effort to provide sound and thorough teaching and research in order to address the present and future challenges of Zambia and Africa. To this end, and to constantly sustain a high standard of academic excellence, policies and procedures that serve as strong and distinct guidelines to direct the University toward its mission are needed. What follows is a clear statement of these regulations, carefully established by the University Senate and, with the wisdom of those who direct the task established for the University, approved by the University Board of Directors.

The University consists of two or more faculties including the Faculty of Business Management and Administration, the Faculty of Forensic Sciences and others.


Our vision is to shape the world through knowledge and inspire powerful minds to create bold solutions


Our Mission is to provide differentiated solution offerings resulting in value addition to our students, clients, and businesses by consistently exceeding their expectations and bringing the highest value to each relationship that is developed.

In pursuit of our Mission and in support of our values, we

  1. Provide the highest quality educational services by combining highly skilled team members with our proven methodologies.
  2. Constantly improve our deliverables to our learners and add value to the academic environment in Zambia and beyond.
  3. Forge lasting relationships with our students by listening and addressing their needs in a manner that will allow them as well as us to be successful.
  4. Support our employees in a way that fosters learning growth and recognition for superior performance.

The aims and objectives of the University are:

  • To preserve, transmit and enhance knowledge for the benefit of the peoples of Zambia and Africa in accordance with the various principles and developmental strategies prevailing on the Country and Continent;
  • To empower students to enhance the formation of their fundamental capabilities, and by assisting them to think critically and to be skillful in communication and methods of inquiry;
  • To create a sense of public responsibility in the students and to promote respect for learning and pursuit of truth and mature thinking about the ultimate meaning of human life;
  • To encourage perspectives and moral values embodying a sense of vocation, a deep concern for human betterment, an obligation of service to others, equality among persons, loyalty to the truth, and responsible citizenship;
  • To develop and promote leadership with moral character and instilled with a sense of care and responsibility to all;
  • To stimulate and to promote cultural development, interpersonal relationships and international understanding among the students;
  • To promote an understanding of the practical applications of knowledge including historical origin, purpose and meaning of life, a sense of value to life, a balance of intellectual and spiritual health, identity with African culture, and integration of various cultures.


Our core behavioral values


The University has an agreed set of core behavioral values that all staff and students should demonstrate in all they do:

  • Honesty and integrity

This is more than just observing professional standards; it is about being open and demonstrating sound judgment. In all our work we will act ethically and stay true to our standards.

  • Mutual support

In all our working relationships we treat others with consideration, dignity and respect. We are proud of Bristore and its reputation and want to improve it together.

  • Strong personal commitment to colleagues and students

We aim to understand people and to see things from our students, colleagues and customers point of view. We seek and listen to others feedback, show them that we care and deliver what we say we will.

  • Taking personal responsibility

We demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility to students, colleagues and the university. We are flexible and challenge ourselves to do better.

We expect all of our staff to:

 Give our students and other customers the highest possible standards of service;

  • Conduct themselves outside of work in a manner which will not be reasonably regarded as bringing the University into disrepute;
  • Behave honestly with their managers, colleagues, students and service users;
  • Follow reasonable management instructions, our policies, procedures and employee handbooks;
  • Treat each other with courtesy and respect.

Message from the Vice Chancellor

Dr. Bob Bobby Ndungu

In the next few years you will be constantly engaged in academic interrogation of both theory and practice at the Bristore University. What separates Bristore University programs from other programmes is our emphasis on developing the reflective practitioner - one who is constantly engaged in questioning ones practice in the real-world environment.

You will, therefore, find that the Bristore University programs are not textbook bound, but will test your ability to undertake independent research, analyse case studies and work in groups and teams.

I wish you well and assure you of the continued support of all academic faculties during your time with our institution.

On behalf of Bristore University, I welcome you to the Bristore team and wish you every success in your academic endeavours.

Mrs Chatiwa Akatama Nsandula

Choosing a University is certainly one of the most important decisions, made even more difficult in our changing times where the world has lost its old equilibrium without having found new values.

The frontiers of the economy are reforming and in continuous evolution and work opportunities are emerging. In this brave new world institutions of higher learning can no longer limit itself to provide textbook knowledge and mere academic preparation reducing itself to an 'exam house' attaching titles and empty labels, neither can it continue to ignore the changing needs of a global employment market and the profound changes in the environment awaiting the students beyond the campuses.

Bristore University’s mission is to provide differentiated solution offerings resulting in value addition to our students, clients, and businesses by consistently exceeding their expectations and bringing the highest value to each relationship that is developed. Bristore University’s part time and distance learning programmes are in great demand with the rigour and innovation to create reflective practitioners.

Participants are immersed in an active education that will challenge their assumptions, disrupt their ordinary ways of doing business, and introduce them to new and unexpected ways of thinking. By participating, you will be prepared for the next step in your career and life, demonstrating leadership skills among your peers. Most important, you will return to your organisation with fresh ideas, new business skills, and a greater capacity for addressing the challenges your company will face.

Bristore University programmes promote a high level of independence through innovative learning and assessment interventions. You can expect a carefully integrated mix of lectures; access to well-designed self-study materials and online learning resources. For those who are prepared to embrace the challenges of our programs, you will find unique rewards with lasting impact for your organisation and career. We wish you well in your academic endeavours and assure you of our continued support towards realising your goals. I wish you well in your studies.


Meet our committed instructors.

Dr. Ndungu [ Vice Chancellor ]


Clement Nsandula [ Deput Vice Chancellor ]


Professor Mwaku [ Instructor ]


Tushar Saini [ Instructor ]